Online Virtual Sculpture (.html), Augmented Reality, Video Installation
2021 - ongoing

“untouched” is a series of self-portraits created through 3D scanning and presented as unaltered online virtual and Augmented Reality sculptures. Motionless yet constantly interacting and performing in-between realities, the virtual fragmented bodies in “untouched” exist as well in the blockchain as editions of NFTs to collect and care for.
Capturing her physical body in movement while scanning, Martina Menegon pushes the practice of selfies and self-portraiture to the limit by performatively and consciously glitching the body, generating new simulated fluid identities as well as new authentic and perceivable avatars. Freeing herself from the limitations and anxieties of the physical corporeality, Martina Menegon uses 3D Scanning as an artistic medium and glitch as an intimate process and extremely personal journey towards a deep understanding of her virtual multiple identities and existence.

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