not again, not anymore 

Virtual Sculpture

“not again, not anymore” is a virtual sculpture made of ğ̷̡̙̘̯͑͒̍̃͛̕l̸̡̛̮̰͍̿̓̓͛̾̽͝ȋ̵͔̰̠̱̙̗̒̒̂̇̕t̴̗̭͇̥̏̒̾̀͒̽c̵͉͖̝̉̅̊̾̚͠ẖ̵̓̽̈́̓̔̿̿ed self-portraits performing a moment that could be just before as well as right after a battle. Created as an homage to all the resilient women and a call for keeping strong in the ongoing fights for our bodily autonomy and rights, the composition also express the artist personal journey, struggles and experiences. As we can no longer divide offline and online realities, the fight for the future of our unprotected bodies extends away from keyboard, taking shape and space in the cyberspace.

“not again, not anymore” was commissioned by EPOCH for their urgent and powerful online exhibition as protest “UNPROTECTED” (August 6 – November 4, 2022), featuring works by Nancy Baker Cahill, Carrie Chen, Vitória Cribb, Elana Mann, Martina Menegon, Operator, Sasha Stiles, Hana Yoo. 
On August 13th, the entirety of the UNPROTECTED exhibition was released as a singular NFT containing a compilation of artworks by participating artists. A portion of the proceeds will go to support reproductive justice organizations. 

Edition of 5 + 9 AP

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