heads off me

Virtual Reality Experience (HTC Vive)

‘heads off me’ is a series of generative, dynamic and ephemeral virtual sculptures. Menegon uses her own face as sculpting material to create a multitude of self-portraits that are randomly abstracted over time by its own unpredictable replicas, oscillating between face and stroke, flesh and data. Upon entering Menegon’s room, the visitor is confronted with a multitude of the artist’s face, which was 3D-scanned and cloned several times. Small, mask-like faces are hovering above the floor, floating through the room or gathering in front of the portal. In the middle of the room, there are two large sculptures of the artist’s face that are constantly changing as if painted by a large three-dimensional brush. The visitor finds himself amid these faces, in a dark room and surrounded by strange noises as if standing in a cave inhabited by a swarm of unknown beings.

“heads off me” was commissioned by Roehrs & Boetsch Gallery as part of their project “CUBE” ︎︎︎, a virtual reality platform designed by Manuel Rossner, which simulates a virtual gallery for virtual art. CUBE was launched at the gallery in Zurich on 16 January 2019, with the inaugural group exhibition “Virtual Natives - Sculpture” in which “heads off me” is permanently included.