all alone, together 

Live Simulation, WebXR, Installation
sound design: Alexander Martinz

"all alone, together" is a project that comes in many forms, mainly as a generative live simulation and a WebVR immersive installation. The work shows virtual clones of the artist’s 3D-scanned body, constrained in a dense formation resulting from an algorithmical anomaly. Their perpetual torture constantly shifts between ecstasy and anxiety, challenging the conceptions of identity but also talks about the fragility of our bodies and our “synthetic corporeality”.
In the form of a physical installation, the live and generative simulation is combined with the social webVR experience (Mozilla Hubs), where the virtual bodies can be experienced beyond physical limitations.
Since the existence of cyberspace, there is an obsession with the redefinition of the self as well as an anxiety about body and identity boundaries. We are facing a new experience of corporeality and subjectivity, a new artificial flesh and materiality. Through these perceivable avatars, the artist proprioceptively renegotiates the fragility of both the physical and the virtual bodies and selves, reflecting on today’s situation in which we might feel all alone, together.

"all alone, together” premiered at the Showroom Angewandte at Q21/ MuseumsQuartier in Vienna with a durational performance by the artist. For the entire duration of the opening event, Martina Menegon challenged the possibility of hybridity by being both physically and virtually present, connecting and talking with visitors at the exhibition space in Vienna as well as online in the social virtual space of Mozilla Hubs at the same time.

Experience the WebVR︎︎︎  

“all alone, together” originates from a commissioned limited edition GIF under the name “so much for self control!

and has been also adapted as 3D model (.fbx) for several online exhibitions. An iteration of it under the title “the rapture of the self” is in the permanent online collection of the harddiskmuseum ︎︎︎