falling asleep 

Interactive Live Simulation (webGl), Performative Virtual Sculpture / Self-Portrait 
sound design: Alexander Martinz

“falling asleep” is an online interactive and performative virtual self-portrait, a ludic yet introspective journey into the depths of sleeplessness and the artist’s long-lasting struggle with insomnia.
Clones of Martina’s body fall relentlessly and continuously across the webpage and screen space. As they fall, they sometimes find a brief moment of rest when they hit a lonely bed - but are soon thrown back into their free fall. Users can reposition the bed in an attempt to stop the virtual bodies from falling, but ultimately fail. "falling asleep" reflects the unrelenting turmoil of insomnia and the pursuit of sleep, as well as introducing a new form of self-expression and self-representation within hybrid realities.

Experience ︎︎︎