Virtual Narcissism

Virtual Sculpture, Interactive Live Simulation

“Virtual Narcissism” is a series of virtual performative sculptures created with very low budget 3D scanners. Reflecting on selfies, intimacy, sexuality, loneliness and identity crisis in our digital era, the artist obsessively scanned herself from 2015 and collected the untouched thredimentional selfies in various interactive installations, in which users can visualize as well as touch and alter the artist self portraits. In the live simulation / game iteration, it creates a story, a narrative of the bittersweet reality of a lonely self, struggling through an identity crisis between physical and virtual realities. Longing to be witnessed and accepted, the female body of the artist is at the center of this series that contrapposed hiding and exposing, covering and showing, shyness and self-confidence in cyberspace. Challenging 3D scanning technique by self-scanning, the artist reflects on the translation of the body into a virtual state as well as a possible dialogue between virtual and physical selves through the grotesque, the uncanny, the corrupted, the glitch.