It suits me well

Video Installation 

“It suits me well" is a video installation, a recording of a private performative act. After being digitized via Photogrammetry, the artist’s body UV map (the image of the skin and body details that wraps around the virtual model of the body) has been printed, untouched and in its original scale, on a semi-transparent, synthetic silk fabric. While standing in front of her webcam, the artist records her attempts to remap the digitized skin onto its original. Here the body is the core and platform of expression, while digital media is used to re-materialize the body while questioning the gap between physical and virtual, flesh and data.
“It suits me well”, with its intimate yet complex assemblages of physical and virtual, explores the contemporary self and its synthetic physicality. It reflects on the virtual as an extension of our current reality. In a contemporary version of what Lacan calls “paranoiac knowledge”, we need to relate to the virtual image of ourselves in order to establish a relationship with the self, both physically and digitally.