one last click and i'll be gone 

Mixed Media
2022 - ongoing

“one last click and I’ll be gone” is a series of self-portraits as digital images, videos and Augmented Reality, generated through a custom live simulation that monitors the cursor’s movements and gestures.
At every mouse click, a new clone of Martina Menegon’s digitised body is created. Trapped within the virtual and physical boundaries of the screen, these avatars are forced to follow the cursor’s position while struggling with the physics and limits of the virtual environment and leaving visual traces of their every movement.

Through this algorithmically driven simulation, left running while working in front of the computer, Martina creates a new and unpredictable kind of phygital self-portraiture. Throughout her screen time, the algorithm takes pictures or short movies of the running simulation at random intervals (saved with a timestamp in the title) and resets the virtual canvas. The results are unique impressions of Martina’s virtual selves as well as her physical self mediated and embodied through a cursor or an interface. A self-portraiture that includes the digital, the physical and her intimate relation with computer and screens.

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