on the other hand


“on the other hand” is a virtual space filled with hands. They are suspended, in unnatural gestures and with unnatural scales. Due to their low-fi quality and their eerie poses, they can be perceived as abstract shapes, as landscape that can be navigated and explored. This is the first social VR space realized by Martina Menegon at the very beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was realized as a new iteration of a previous VR project “keep in touch”︎︎︎ by freezing a moment in time and export it into the new social VR space for everyone to access and explore. Interestingly enough, what originally was an uncanny and grotesque, highly unpleasant VR experience (”keep in touch”), transformed into a pleasant and meditative social virtual space that functioned as artwork, event space and a second home to many during the hardest times of the pandemic.

Experience the WebVR︎︎︎

In 2021, an Augmented Reality iteration of the project was created in occasion of the performative group-exhibition “connections unplugged, bodies rewired” at “das weisse haus“ in Vienna.