Uncanny Reality Festival

Symposion Lindabrunn, Lindabrunn
curated by Martina Menegon

with works by: Keiken + George Jasper Stone, Kumbirai Makumbe, Theo Triantafyllidis, The (new) Constellation, Line F. Jensen, Brooklyn J. Phakathi, Maximilian Prag + Marlene Kager + Maris Nisu + Pauline Jocher, Christiane Peschek, Stefano D’Alessio, Ernst Lima, Alexander Martinz

Inspired by Neal Stephenson’s concept of Metaverse as a virtual world that can be accessed through public or private terminals located in the physical reality (“Snow Crash”, 1992), the festival “Uncanny Reality” downloads various formats into the offline nature of Lindabrunn and reflects on the Virtual as a space that coexists interdependently with our AFK (Away From Keyboard) Reality.
Through an exhibition, digital interventions and a series of live events, the festival looks at the Virtual as an artistic medium and form of expression, exploring the synthetic yet perceivable nature and corporeality of virtual spaces and bodies and reflecting on the sense of “intellectual uncertainty” and uncanniness provoked by subversive uses of technology in Art.