Free Spaces. A New Social

online, various locations
curated by Eva Fischer and Martina Menegon
sound:frame in collaboration with Vienna Business Agency / Creative Days Vienna

with works by: Format (*.strk), Some Place Studio, Andreas Palfinger & Cristian Anutoiu, Dominik Einfalt, Hannelore Jarvis Essandoh & Willhelm Scherübl, Erika Glionna & Stefano Cerelli & Peter Varnai

In recent months, our lives have shifted strongly towards the virtual and we have acquired the necessary tools for this. These technologies will continue to accompany us in the future and we aim to think beyond their pure functionalities: How can we design virtual spaces with functionalities that invite us to interact and arouse our curiosity for exchange and experimentation? Games like Second Life or Minecraft have paved the way for this, while web-based real-time communication platforms like Mozilla Hubs now offer even more possibilities for designing virtual interaction spaces and avatars. The Vienna Business Agency – in cooperation with sound:frame – were looking for dramaturgical, functional and narrative spatial concepts for virtual environments focusing on topics like social interaction, artistic production and knowledge exchange.
A jury consisting of representatives of the Vienna Business Agency and sound:frame and the guest jurors Wade Wallerstein (Silicon Valet / TRANSFER Gallery) and Martina Menegon (artist / lecturer) selected the best six projects out of 21 submissions.

main virtual space designed by Enrico Zago, Martina Menegon

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