Expanded Realities and Networked Voices

CIVA Festival 
online, various locations
curated by Eva Fischer and Martina Menegon

with works by: Christiane Peschek, Emanuel Gollob, Catherine Spe, Brooklyn J. Pakathi, enorê, LaJuné McMillian, Format (*.strk), Memo Akten, Shira Shvadron, Some Place Studio, Zalán Szakács, Jonas Bohatsch, Andreas Palfinger & Cristian Anutoiu, Dominik Einfalt, Margarete Jahrmann & Thomas Wagensommerer, Morehshin Allahyari, Hannelore Jarvis Essandoh & Willhelm Scherübl, Cassie McQuater, Erika Glionna & Stefano Cerelli & Peter Varnai, Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley

“Expanded Realities and Networked Voices” explores the consequences of virtuality and even looks beyond our digital screens. The exhibition serves as a place to experience virtual art in its native environment while also being a vehicle to learn and understand our analogue world and global society AFK (away from keyboard). Five chapters contextualize the work of nineteen international digital artists. The virtual exhibition “Expanded Realities and Networked Voices” reflects on the relationship between ourselves and contemporary new media. The online show focuses on virtual art that challenges the medium and pushes the limits of technology while critically reflecting on the power and the impact that digital tools have on our society. In times of mass use of social media, online tools and the corporations behind them gain unprecedented power but so can our voices and our online actions. By taking hold of space and occupying the Metaverse, our voices interconnect, intersect, and become a network.

virtual spaces designed by Maximilian Prag, Enrico Zago, Martina Menegon

more impressions of the CIVA Festival 2021: