Embodied Structures

CIVA Festival 
Belvedere21, Vienna
curated by Eva Fischer and Martina Menegon

with works by: Yein Lee, Rebecca Merlic, Cristian Anutoiu, Legacy Russell, Laokoon, Depart, Keiken

The exhibition “Embodied Structures” deals with the concept of the body and its current role in sociopolitical and cultural discourses. Through seven international positions, it proposes a story of glitch, non-binary and prosthetic bodies, avatars, cyborgs, and data bodies, and talks about our willingness to exhibit ourselves online and to even assign concrete values to our data alter egos and how the awareness of our body changes through the phygital. It rejects binary structures and instead establishes concepts of gender fluidity or the post-Anthropocene where the body can be a vehicle for new world building and collective consciousness.
exhibition design: Maria Rudakova

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