Area For Virtual Art ︎︎︎

a collaboration between sound:framer and Pausanio
curated by Eva Fischer and Martina Menegon 

The Area for Virtual Art is an online platform for digital art and virtual formats. A virtual space to discover current artistic approaches in virtual exhibitions and meet people in discussion programs and live events to exchange thoughts and create new ideas and concepts. The Area for Virtual Art develops into an international hub, giving a platform to current digital art forms and connecting people all over the world. Since its start, the Area for Virtual Art hosts exhibitions, discourse formats and social events and presents current digital artistic approaches, such as XR, interactive or AI based (art)works. Amidst the chaos of cyberspace and offline reality, the Area for Virtual Art creates a setting for people to show, see and experience digital art, gain new insights, critically reflect and create connections.

main virtual space and avatars design: Enrico Zago, Maximilian Prag, Martina Menegon